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Nanda Yoga Fort Worth Kids Yoga

The space

Nanda Yoga has curated a welcoming environment specifically for you and your family’s needs! We have a Yoga Studio, Flex Space, Sensory Play Space and a Therapy Space.


Our Yoga Studio provides mats, blocks, bolsters, blankets and all the fun kid’s yoga tools we need to create an engaging experience for your yogi.


Our Flex Space serves as a gathering place for snacking, loose parts play and hosting birthday parties while the sensory play space is equipped with a climbing wall, aerial swings, infant area and much more to keep your littles entertained.


Our Therapy Space is available to rent by various therapists and serves as space for more personalized yoga therapy.


We welcome you to come early and stay late so you can mingle with Nanda Friends.

WHY KIDS yoga?

Kids yoga is more than just a fun and playful activity. It provides a safe and nurturing environment for children to explore their bodies and minds, and to develop important skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.


Through yoga, kids learn to become more aware of their thoughts and emotions, and how to regulate them in healthy ways. They learn to focus their attention and to calm their minds, which can be particularly helpful in managing stress and anxiety.


Yoga also promotes physical fitness and overall well-being, helping children build strength, flexibility, and balance. This can improve their posture, coordination, and overall health.


Perhaps most importantly, yoga teaches children to approach life with a sense of curiosity and compassion, and to view themselves and others with kindness and respect. These values are essential in building healthy relationships and a strong sense of self-worth.


So whether your child is just beginning their yoga journey or is an experienced practitioner, the benefits of kids yoga are undeniable. It's a powerful tool for supporting their growth, development, and overall joy in life.

Meet the team

Our robust team of teachers is comprised of current and retired Educators, Mindfulness Coaches, Pediatric Clinical Therapists, Child Life Specialists, Music Teachers and more. Take a peek below to learn more about your teacher. 

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