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School Yoga Fort Worth


Introducing yoga into schools has become increasingly important for the well-being of our children. With its focus on mindfulness, breathing techniques, and physical movement, yoga provides a safe and supportive environment for kids to explore their bodies and minds.


Yoga can help reduce stress and anxiety levels in children, improve focus and concentration, and enhance emotional regulation. These benefits not only support academic success but also help build a foundation for lifelong well-being.


Furthermore, yoga teaches kids about self-care and the importance of taking time for themselves. It helps them develop a sense of inner peace and resilience, which can be invaluable tools for navigating the ups and downs of life.


By incorporating yoga into schools, we can provide our children with the tools and skills they need to lead healthy and happy lives. So let's roll out the yoga mats and breathe, stretch, and grow together!

Alice Carlson Applied Learning Center
All Children’s Home 
All Saints Episcopal School
Benbrook Library
Boys and Girls Club of Tarrant County 
Briscoe Elementary School 
Como Elementary School
First Tee
JTW Elementary school

Lena Pope Early Learning Centers
Lily B. Clayton
Logan Elementary school
Mi Casita
Mitchell Blvd. Elementary
Play Studio
Playhouse Academy
Spanish Schoolhouse
Tanglewood Elementary School 
Trinity Valley School

School Yoga Fort Worth

Currently Serving ...


Are you looking for yoga in your community space? We have collaborated with 57 community partners over the years and we believe that offering kids yoga classes in your space is a valuable resource for families and children to learn about the benefits of self-care and holistic wellness. It's a great way to build a supportive network of like-hearted individuals who share a commitment to promoting healthy living and mindfulness.


So whether you're a library, festival, community center or somewhere in between, consider bringing kids yoga to your space. It's an investment in the health and happiness of our children, and the benefits can last a lifetime.



Being a Girl Scout is about creating friendships, memories, learning valuable life skills, and becoming a strong, courageous leader in your community. Introducing yoga and meditation practices, like those from Nanda Yoga provides them with yet another tool they can use to prepare for a lifetime of service and self discovery. You can earn your "My best Self Badge" or "Staying Fit Badge" and get a fun Nanda Yoga Patch as well. Please e-mail to set up a class for your troop today.

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